Case Studies

As an agency you’ve got this down. You’re creative, nimble and deliver amazing results. But sometimes the work comes in faster than you can complete it. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back. Here are a few of our agency partners.


WINNOW CREATIVE is a boutique agency focusing on professional service organizations. They have a phenomenal team of brand strategists and designers to shape and strengthen their client’s brands. Good Soup serves as an integrated web development partner often attending client meets as part of the Winnow team, helping to identify project scope and ensuring their websites function and perform exactly as designed. To help Winnow manage expenses Good Soup develops a fixed cost solution for each individual site.


AMP AGENCY is a full service agency with offices in Boston, NY and LA. Their clients include industry leaders such as Maybelline NY, Hasbro, Goodyear, Samsung and Coldwell Banker. Although AMP can boast a staff of 200+ employees even they get overwhelmed from time to time. Good Soup serves as agency overflow resource producing deliverable such as landing page, banner ads, infographics and microsites.


BP STUDIOS is a web agency with an expertise in custom software development., BP Studios relies on Good Soup for their project management and design savvy.  Good Soup will attend initial client meetings, working with the BP development team to create project timelines and budgets, provide site design and then oversee each phase to completion.

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